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6 ft loom ready to warp


Enjoy the art of weaving with a basic loom design that adds beauty to any decor. Our upright frame looms come in three sizes.  They are handcrafted from native eastern white cedar logs.  Individual knots and worm tracings lend each loom a unique one-of-a-kind look.  Looms are unfinished, sanded smooth and ready to use. 
You may choose to add a finish yourself or we can apply a penetrating oil finish for an additional cost. This gives the logs a warm honey color and emphasizes the unique character of the wood. 
These looms are easy to assemble and break down. The uprights are  secured to the base logs with carriage bolts while the top of the framework is pinned mortise and tenon wood joinery. Two pegs at the back of the uprights are handy for storing extra battens, or hanging skeins. 
The six foot loom above has been set up for a weaving project with commercial dowels and rope which are not included with our looms.  Depending on your project, you may choose different sized dowels, rope, chain or even straps with turnbuckles in place of some of the ropes.   Longer warps may require doubling under and securing to the back top pegs.
We strongly recommend researching this type of weaving.  There are a number of good books.  Check Amazon or other book stores and sites.

6ft loom

 Shipping of the six foot loom via UPS includes insurance & tracking and is usually $50.00-75.00.  The four foot and two foot looms can go by UPS or USPS for $ 25.00-40.00 depending on your location.  If you are in the area, you are certainly welcome to pick up your completed loom in person.


72" x 48" ......$ 270.00 

60" x 36" .......  225.00

48" x 30" ....... 160.00

Add $ 25.00 for Danish oil finish

log frame loom ready to ship

48x30loom back view